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How To Add A Extra Monitors On A iMac

How To Add A Extra Monitors On A iMac

How To Add A Extra Monitors On A iMac
Most apple computers have a video out to add extra monitors. Most people don’t know for less than $20 you can add that old or new monitor to your set up. Mac mini’s you can add 2 monitors, iMac and MacBook Pros normally 2 monitors plus the included screen, The only issue I ever have is when you move the computer the adapters comes loose and you have to firmly press back in.
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  1. G K

    Can you write out the instructions? I need more help. You talk about Thunderbolt cable to convert a Dell to an Imac. That means nothing to me. Can you write something like….buy this (name product) attach it to (the back of the Dell) attach this (name of exact product) etc. It sounded so simple but I got lost. I need exact names of products, not just an Amazon link with lots of choices. I don't know what a Thunderbolt is…etc. Sure would like your help. Thanks.

  2. hughess004

    thanks man, the genius in the apple store told me last night I couldn't add a monitor to the imac. Happy to see how easy it actually is to do.

  3. Lucky Mehla

    hey mate, when I attached the second screen to my iMac the fonts are bit blurry on my charts and videos are not as clear as it is on my iMac. could you please tell me what may be the problem and how can I rectify it? the second screen resolution is 1080p. thanks heaps in advanced



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