Don't Sell Your Apple iPhone Without Watching This!

Don't Sell Your Apple iPhone Without Watching This!

Never Promote Your Apple Apple iphone Devoid of Observing This!
This online video will show you how to simply get your apple gadget ready to provide or trade in.

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Comment (44)

  1. Oh brw I bought iPhone 6 from my friend he didn’t close any of the things that you had said and I just asked him he said that he had forgotten all his passwords brw what was the solution for this pls reply

  2. After doing all of this, can the person that I’m going to sell it to get back all of my info? like my pictures and videos? what’s the right way to erase my pictures permanently from my iPhone before selling it because I know that there’s programs that can get back deleted photos!

  3. Everything explained in detail and step by step. Very informative and useful. Thanks for your knowledge and sharing. I have subscribed and my thumbs UP for you man.

  4. How safe are my files that were already deleted using “erase all contents and settings”? Im worried it would still be recovered by some hackers using some softwares. Thank you!

  5. You first need to contact your carrier and request to unlock it and they will send you a Sim Unlock Reference number thru your email and give it to the person who is buying it so he could give it to his carrier.

  6. I like your appearance. You look like a professional who captured my trust right off the bat You speak clearly and move around slowly so it is easy.
    to follow your moves.your office setting is A+.
    I am (I’m sure) old enough to be your grandmother. I have never had any formal tech education in computers or phones . I bought my first computer in 1996 and taught myself to operate it with a lot of reading and bothering friends who did know what they were doing.
    I tell you all of this to let you know your instruction was so clear that I was able to clean my phone completely, backup my iCloud, delete my phone from the iCloud remove the SIM card and sell it for a profit. Thank you very much.


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