How to Transfer Files From Samsung To Samsung

How to Transfer Files From Samsung To Samsung
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How to Transfer Files From Samsung To Samsung
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  1. Question for you….I just upgraded to a Samsung S7 from the S6 Edge and used the dongle to Smart Switch my stuff to the new phone. I also have a 64gb SD card in the new phone. I managed to transfer the images to the SD card and have access to them via Gallery like I want. My music transferred over but I cannot find them listed in a folder anywhere. A few songs show in MusicFree, MusicDowloader, MaterialMusicDownloader and ClearMusicDownloader but under the Music Folder there is nothing listed. Tho My Files lists Audio at the 8.98gb I transferred. I cant find where they were saved to be able to move them to the SD card(only 3 folders listed in SD Card btw). Google Play Music does show my entire list of music tho. I just want to move all my music to my SD card and be able to listen to it and save space on my internal storage. Just cant find where they are to move them. Any info would be greatly appreciated

  2. I just purchsed the S8+ and have the Note 5….while using Smart Switch on both, I found my old Note saying I had too much info to transfer. (18.7GB) It requested that I needed to delete 1097mb of info. If my new phone has a larger memory/storage why should I be having problems transferring this info. What should I do??? Please help!

  3. I was so glad to find this video. I have just bought a new phone and did not want to transfer all my numbers one by one. I followed everything you said and it worked like a charm. Thanks!

  4. You are AWESOME. I went through 4 videos before I heard and saw what I needed to make this process understandable to me. The others were not as detailed and left me with questions. I was going to take my phones to the phone store to have this done… not now. Huge" props" to you my friend!!!!!

  5. Smart switch isn't so smart. I wanted xfer just 2 song but the bitch software insisted on sending calender, contacts, clock, etc.

    What a crock of crap.

  6. hi steve i am having difficult transferring my saved wifi networks from old phone to new phone i know i have done it before it normally pops up with i log in with my google account but having difficulty now any suggestions?

  7. When I do the transfer will it transfer the same settings from my old phone to my new phone and will it transfer my Facebook app such as Instagram and Snapchat. and would I need to log in to them on the new phone or will it be already logged in once the transfer is done and will you Google account transfer over to the new phone when you do the transfer and what you need to log into your Google account again

  8. This was one of the best instructional videos on YouTube. Well done, but perhaps I needed to understand that "transfer" was the same as "move" not "copy". I would have liked all the files to remain on the sending phone as well. Any help on how to copy not just move the files? Thanks.


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