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Create A Custom Siri Voice On A MAC

Create A Custom Siri Voice On A MAC

Create A Custom Siri Voice On A MAC
Making Apple SIRI say anything is easy with a mac computer. You will download a voice file make a few changes and you’re ready to show your friends some cool stuff.

On the terminal command line type

say “ “

put anything you want inside of the quotations

My Example from the video:

say “Hi, my name is Siri, and I am now your voice assistant. You’re Watching A Tech Steve Video Press the like and the Subscribe Now. I mean it, L O L ”

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  1. Johnny Knoxville

    back in the day, 1998 99 we would use the Apple Simpletext program and type a line of text and you could just use the drag and drop menus to make the computer say the sentence.

  2. Mahmoud Khanzadeh

    Thanks for sharing great stuff with other.
    I have followed your way but when I hit return nothing happend . Just the message pops up (bash: ronas: command not found)
    would you help me how can I fix this problem.

  3. Simonoson

    Doesn't work with OS 10.13 (Sierra) 🙁
    Update: Found out how it works: you need to go to Settings then to Keyboard and then to speech or something like that



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