CamStand X17 Desktop Camera Stand

CamStand X17 Desktop Camera Stand

CamStand X17 Desktop Camera Stand
Desktop Digicam Mount For Digital Cameras And Good Phones
Great For Photographing Paperwork And Desktop Images
Portable and Fold-ready
Weighty Duty

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Comment (3)

  1. +Tech Steve
    I enjoyed this video. Back in the early-80s, I was a Photography Minor at San Jose City College in San Jose, CA.

    Suggestion for you…Rather than rotating the camera onto the CamStand threads, couldn't you remove the upper portion of the CamStand, screw it into the camera's tripod mount, and then reinstall the upper portion into the CamStand? I would rather run the risk of dropping the CamStand section. Rotating the camera onto the fitting seems a bit riskier to me.

    WOW! I stated "CamStand" several times in this comment. Do you think CamStand would sponsor me? LOL


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