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ABRAMTEK E600 Speakers With 40Hz Super Bass – Simply Incredible

ABRAMTEK E600 Speakers With 40Hz Super Bass – Simply Incredible

ABRAMTEK E600 With 40Hz Super Bass – Simply Incredible
DPAC SUPER BASS TECHNOLOGY: This new invention changes the audio world. Integration of our Patented DPAC (Dual Pressure Air Compression) technology creating that super bass system. This innovative driver configuration combined with air pressure to deliver a full range thundering bass from the passive radiator. Match or Surpass the conventional subwoofer. Mind blowing deep rich bass bringing your music to the next level.
TRUE 360° SURROUND SOUND: Unlike conventional 360-degree sound, our enhanced 360 degree optimized sound flow’s not only left to right but top to bottom. The omnidirectional stereo sound gives the impression that you are in a multi speaker environment. It allows you to enjoy and immerse yourself within this powerful, spherical and precise, clear, quality of sound in every location of your room.
DSP ENABLE: The enabled digital signal processing power is possible to implement supplementary audio processing features that provide a means of modifying the tempo and pitch of the music files. Achieving a more dynamic Audio. With DPS tool, a delicate audio wave line is tune to fit different audio playback such as Music Movie and Game.
STYLISH & PORTABLE: High capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts more than 4.5 hours playtime on a single full charge. Achieving 100% portable with NO COMPROMISE in sound performance. A soft light-up led light gives a comfortable shine uplifting the room ambience.

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    Steve this is soo off topic but I wanted to buy some led light strips i don’t know if anyone else will also want to but I wanted to see if you can look for some and make a review video about them or just respond to me with the best one that you find and that are not so expensive if u read this and can find any I will greatly appreciate it



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