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Is The Canon HFR800 Camcorder Any Good?

Is The Canon HFR800 Camcorder Any Good?

Is The Canon HFR800 Camcorder Any Good?
57x (32.5-1853Mm) advanced zoom/ 32x Optical / 1140x Digital and Super range OIS.
Canon 3.28 Megapixel full HD CMOS image sensor.
Digic DV 4 image processor.
Minimum Focusing Distance-All other modes: 10mm (WIDE end), 1m across entire zooming range (from edge of lens).
However, approx. 50cm at tele macro setting established at this time (automatic movement to TELE end)

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  1. Femifvshion

    I understand that you don't have this camera anymore but i want to ask a question and I hope that you might be able to answer it. So when you were using the camera was the microphone quality good or did you have to buy an external microphone in other to be able to have a great audio sound?

  2. rwprime1

    I'm looking for a camera that a retiree can afford that can do the usual family video shots, but beyond that, I really love watching and recording RC model airplanes and you have to zoom constantly, but when they come in for a fly-by, you have to back off – sometimes fast, sometimes slow depending on how fast they fly by. And you can't be putzin' around waiting for focus when they get farther away either. Anyway, you mentioned that in the sunlight, you couldn't really see the touch screen. That's totally unacceptable for what I just mentioned. So, what's the cheapest an ole retiree can get by with to do what I have explained? What are the lower priced HD cameras with eye pieces? What do you recommend or will this Canon R800 or the Sony CX405 do what I want? (I'm turned off by the 405 because of the 30 fps instead of 60). Thanks Oh, oh, one other thing, just a heads up for you if you ever do other camera reviews. I am looking for a certain thing that I didn't see in this video. I need a shot with the camera on a tripod and a scene like at 4:59 mins (and a 1/2 second). I need video of that tree and what I'm checking for is the focus of the objects in the periphery. The camera is going to auto focus on that tree, but I want to see how it does on everything else. I have seen video where the periphery is blurred and that's just not acceptable. I'll even give you an example. Go here at 6:03 mins and see how the red vise, the palm tree bark and the fence to the left are all blurred, but the engine in the center is perfect.

    Now, this is a super guy and I'm not trying to bash his video. I'm just trying to make a point. EDIT Now-a-days, in industry speak they call that 'bokeh'. I call it poorer optics when you lose depth of field (focus). I'm not trying to shot video of Whistler's Mother here 🙂

  3. Ben Sharpe

    hello. good video and good information. i am considering buying one. just might be a camera with budget friendly options. also, i am curious did i see an external webcam on your big monitor on the desk? curiosity killed the cat as they say, please tell about it, if so. andwhat features it has. also does it have good video quality as in HD? if not …. what brand and model webcam would you recommend that the best video for viewers. thanks. have a great day.

  4. Ranting Rambler

    Just purchased for my Podcast, picked this particular model because of the long battery life (I believe 2.5-3hrs). My Canon powershot g7 x Mark ii is great but has the 29.9 min cap on recording. Great review!

  5. joey nuggs

    Great video i am considering buying this camera with a external microphone to do some Youtube Vlogs.. I will subscribe and like your video brother.. Thanks for posting it.

  6. TheWorldAgainstMe32

    Hey Steve! I just had a couple of questions and was wondering if you could help out.

    1. What's the average battery life if the battery is fully charged?

    2. How big of an SD card should I buy (GB storage wise) If my videos are between 30-35 minutes long?

    3. Is there a specific microphone you would recommend to pair along with the camera?

    Thanks for your help!

  7. John Gault Productions

    Hi Steve, I have this camera and have had it for over a year… the charge port on mine is failing. The plug won't stay in. I really have to play with it and wiggle it around to get the red indicator light to come on. Then carefully set it down to keep all the charge connections touching. Also, HD @ 60 fps is very choppy (using 16 G card). It's good for filming things that are hardly moving but moving fast it seem to have trouble keeping up. I've gotten better results from setting the video quality to 30 fps when filming moving objects. Still slightly choppy though. Overall, for the price (I paid $300 USD) the camera is good. Any suggestions on how I could film smoothly @ 60 fps? Could it be my memory card (too small)? I've been using the same one over and over for a year+ now, just deleting prior footage.

  8. Lance G

    Here we are April 2019 and I’m probably going to purchase this cam. I’ve got a wedding at the beach this week and this thing still looks incredible for the price.

  9. Fredericky Labad

    Hi! Is that possible with this set to plug the charger to use on the camera? If i do not have other batery and I need to use more then 4 hours. Is that possible to use the camera while is charging on the camera? Is there a way to plug the camera on the elecricity? thanks

  10. Dan Finnegan

    When I had the Sony HDR CX405, it always had that soft clicking sound during recording (because of the autofocus). Does the Canon HFR800 have that same kind of sound or is the autofocus silent?



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