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Macbook Pro Beginners and Current Users Tips

Macbook Pro Beginners and Current Users Tips

Macbook Pro Beginners and Current Users Tips

This will help even if you buy a newer version macbook pro or imac. All of the concepts area mostly the same.

Accessories in Video
Apple Magic Mouse:
Logitech Mouse:
Sabrent USB Hub:
Display Ports Adapters:
Lightning to USB Cables (2m):
Apple Headphones:
USB to Gigabit Network Adapters:
Not mention Macbook Case:

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  1. Joao Rodrigues

    Paid good money for an iMac Retina that came with Sierra if I'm not mistaken. The thing accepted the programs I needed to perform my work. Mind you, my work, not my "gaming…" Till the other day I received an unrequested invitation to upgrade to High Sierra. The scam said it would "fix" security vulnerabilities, blah blah bleh bleh… I went with it and now I'm screwed!!! Shit!!! Shit!!! Shit!!! Half the programs are not working or working with flaws, some of them it says they are not optimised for this "upgrade" therefore had to sack them… and then these pieces of… referring you to the Shit!!! Shit!!! Shit!!!, working hand in hand with "big brother" to pass on laws that are to "safeguard" our privacy and make people asking permission to work your personal data yara yara yara… just come in like sleazy snakes in the grass, with promises of better things and screw up one's equipment paid with hard earned money, in an attempt to sell more "advanced programas" which are "compatible" with the new piece of shit upgrade on the OS you were just conned into doing. What a scam this technology racket is!!!!!!! That's what I have to say about that!



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