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Amazon Echo Dot 3 VS Google Home Mini Challenge

Amazon Echo Dot 3 VS Google Home Mini Challenge

Amazon Echo Dot 3 VS Google Home Mini Challenge
A non bias review showing you the pro and cons of each unit. Tell me what you think in the comment below!

Is there a clear winner?

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  1. David James

    Alexa can make call or you can be anywhere and drop in Alexa to talk to your kids or family. Or they can call you from Alexa… it’s also a Bluetooth speaker. You can workout or play games. Play music from pandora or Spotify and set up reminders and for news and so much much. I would go with Alexa as I have both google assistant and Alexa

  2. Jessica Wong

    Does anyone know if there will be a google mini 2nd generation any time soon? Im leaning towards google for its software capabilities but watched/read other reviews which deem the echo superior, especially with sound/voice detection, etc.

  3. Poison Cobra

    Hey Steve, I have seen a lot of people having issue with the google home not playing audio once connected as Bluetooth device, please could you kindly suggest a solution?


  4. someguy604

    I was going to go with the Echo Dot 3 but your review convinced me that the Home Mini is better. I mean I don't see how the setup times should be a deciding factor for anyone since it's a one-time thing, but the accuracy of the answers on both devices clearly show the biggest difference.

  5. AurynGaming

    Super confused about your setup method, you started from scratch with google home but already had the alexa app installed and open ready….

  6. Balbisiana A

    Am not sure this dot is so easy to connect? I gave up . It kept saying go to the app . It felt like I was going round in circles. I was using iPad Pro 2018 and mate 20 pro. Neither . I am sending it back

  7. Mi Picasso

    Love your video. Remember a couple of hears ago, going to HH Gregg and asking them did they have the Echo on sale. They asked me to repeat the question. I asked them again. They said they had never heard of it and wouldn't know where it was. I then asked "do you have a sports section since it does look like a hockey puck and if so, that is probably where you displayed it." They wanted me to speak to a manager. I said "no, thanks because they probably know about as much as you do."



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