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Samto Smart Plug For Google And Alexa

Samto Smart Plug For Google And Alexa

Samto Smart Plug For Google And Alexa
Samto Smart Plug, Works with Alexa Echo, Wi-Fi PC Smart Timing Outlet, No Hub Required, Remote Control your Devices from Anywhere

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  1. Carlos Fowler

    Are you having any issues with the Jinvoo app? Users claim the app is constantly running in the background for the Android version, while killing the battery life on their smartphone. They also claim the app wants permission to access their phone, contacts, camera, etc.

  2. Carlos Fowler

    Is there an option in the app to turn the lights on at a certain time, then off at a certain time. In the video I only saw an option to turn the lights on.

  3. Carlos Fowler

    Received my plug today from Amazon. So far it's working great. Your video was very informative. I was able to set it up without having to read the manual. I set it up with my Amazon Echo, and I was also able to set it up with my Google Home. In Google Home I setup it up by going to the settings in Google Home > Home Control > Smart Life. I logged in using the same log in credentials from the Jinvoo app.



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