Vizio S3851X-C4 Digital Soundbar w/ Wireless Sub

Vizio S3851X-C4 Digital Soundbar w/ Wireless Sub
Vizio S3851X-C4 Sound Bar: http://amzn.to/2h9KXRt
Amazon Support http://amazon.techstevehd.com

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  1. Wow, very good review and good review of the sound as well. I don't see this x-c4 anywhere, and Vizio is confusing me with the variance in the form factor (shapes) and what the differences are among the models.

  2. I just got one today on clearance for $79 new, still factory sealed in the box. When I saw the price I asked them to check it to make sure it was correct and it was. They said it was marked down by 70%. What a fantastic deal. I look forward to setting it up and using it.

  3. The title of this video says "w/ Wireless Rear Speakers." You clearly have the satellite speakers connected to the subwoofer with wires though. Am I missing something? Can they be connected wirelessly?

  4. So why would they put two Optical inputs for people with multiple gaming consoles my Soundbar from 4 years ago has 2 I would have thought everyone by now in this price range would have it

  5. You are a lifesaver. I don't know why it is so easy following you instead of the directions but you helped me set up this and the echo in one week!!! Don't ever quit youtube or I am sunk. Gpt ours at the Sams club going out of Business sale and already regretting hubby having this watching football!!!

  6. The system sounds great for the money, but the 100% satisfaction is killed by the satellite speakers NOT being wireless as well. I would rather the satellites be wireless rather than the sub woofer. This is a mistake by Vizio.


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