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On my channel I will show you how to use and setup technology from Amazon Alexa, Google Home devices to Bluetooth headphones, speakers and much, much more. I work with all types of vendors to find the newest technology, some that you know and other that are coming up with unique ideas for up and coming markets. When I was younger I knew I had a knack for electronics and I have worked in different industries to educate myself on how to understand how things work from wireless devices, electronic sales all the way up to IT including computer building. Now, I want to share my experience with the world and help people get thru some challenges and make technology as easy as I can. If you want to grow your knowledge be sure to subscribe, and my join my online community.

Gravastar Futuristic Bluetooth 5. Speaker Merely Amazing!

Gravastar Futuristic Bluetooth 5. Speaker Simply just Amazing! GravaStar is additional than just yet another speaker. We have reinvented how speakers search: Tight, steel shell with modern angles and developed-in psychedelic lights, influenced by futuristic science fiction and FPS game titles. The tweeter/subwoofer separation reportedly presents “crystal-obvious distortion-cost-free sound”! One-way links for Products and solutions […]

Are the MIXCDER E9 ANC Headphone Any Good?

MIXCDER E9 ANC Headphones With 30 Hours Play Time These wireless noise cancelling headphones are designed to get you lost in the musician intended sound in all-day comfort wherever you go. You will be suddenly transferred from the noisy place to a quiet world once you put them on. Music is well presented by heart-hammering […]