Transfer Your Apple iTunes To Google Play Music

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Transfer Your Apple iTunes To Google Play Music Made Easy

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  1. tech steve i have about 10,000 songs bout 84 GB on my mac book pro; I want to transfer the library to my lg G3 and LG 8.3 tablet via 128 GB sd card are there any extra steps before I get started.

  2. Since your devices will not hold that much music , I recommend using google music for 20,000 songs of the music you love and put some music on the sd card to play offline . However you will have to use with wifi or data stream your online music. You can also buy storage on Google drive 100 gigs for $2 PER MONTH to access with a computer or googles drive apps at google.com/drive

  3. Ok so you said there are some songs protected by whatever and can't be uploaded. There has to be a way to upload them. I'm missing about 60 songs. Good ones. Any new news since this video? Maybe drag & drop or something? I don't want to have to buy them just to have on my android device


  4. what you or nobody else mentions is that you have to do all this from the Windows or whatever else computer before it will end up on a chromebook. There is no actual way to do all this on an actual chromebook.

  5. I have the google pixel phone and it has a play music app but its not a headphone picture , its a red triangle with a music note in the center . . Is this the same app ?


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