Transfer Files From iPhone to Samsung With Smart Switch

Transfer Information From Iphone to Samsung With Intelligent Switch

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Transfer Files From Iphone to Samsung With Clever Switch

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Comment (143)

  1. I have samsung j6 infinty it shows error while reading the data what should i do i check every step and my battery is fully charged i got the original cable of iphone so please help me know how to make it right

  2. Does it work other way around? Like I have Samsung galaxy s8 that I like to switch and move my data to iPhone X. Would this app work for these phones to transfer it to iPhone X? Mostly I like to move my Samsung Notes to my iPhone ;(

  3. i was supposed to go to the gym and now i am frustrated…though i could turn on the note and repeat your actions but i wanted to set it up and let the process go while i am at the gym….but??? did't set it up the way i wanted to something as simple, this frustrating but i thought i had access to the setting on my galaxy but i had go threw the hoops…just k where you turn off on the iphone lock screen it is set the thirty min and i can't change its grayed out


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