TOTOBAY Remote Control Ocean Wave Projector

TOTOBAY Ocean Wave Projector
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  1. will this work without the music…just need one that is good, for a display, but with no music…:) Also, how high up will it show the light? I need it for a rather tall ceiling space. :)Thanks for your informative review! Cheers!

  2. You have a 4min 17sec video reviewing a light projector, and you spent a grand total of 15 seconds showing the lights it projects, and at a very poor angle and distance. That's a pretty important part of the review, considering … you know, that's what it is. You can spend less time telling us what each button is and what they do, I think by 2017 humanity is pretty familiar with volume and power buttons.

  3. We actually bought the simpler version 1st to see if we'd like it….we were blown away and got the exact one you're demo'ing and love it 100% more. DEFINITELY not JUST for children's room. We have one mounted behind our tv in living room and the one w remote in bedroom. U L T R A relaxing !

  4. I'm writing a novel where one character suffers from Post Traumatic Stress with flashbacks. Treatment includes something called EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Part of the process is recreating REM sleep eye movements. I want to have my character's friends buy something they can use to help her with this part of the process at home. Could this machine do this? Would like to see and here this machine in action. Could use it at home anyway.


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