Tesvor X500 Robot Vacuum Review

Tesvor X500 Robot Vacuum Review

Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Google Home And Alexa
SMART APP & VOICE CONTROLS: Use Alexa or Google Home voice commands to START and STOP cleaning. Use the smart app to check cleaning real-time map, customize cleaning, check cleaning status, provide online-service, schedule cleaning, share equipment with friends and receive error alerts.
SUPERIOR FULL COVERAGE: This X500 robotic vacuum is equipped with Smart Mapping System to plan the path for each cleaning and navigate to uncovered areas intelligently, fully covering your home with S-shape routes. Initiates an intelligent back and forth cleaning path when cleaning hard-surface floors, providing efficient and thorough cleaning experience!
POWERFUL CLEANING SYSTEM: This robot vacuum is engineered with V-shape dual rolling brushes & brushless motor with streamlined air duct design so that you can clean your space effectively with the HIGH SUCTION, LOW NOISE EXPERIENCE and COMPREHENSIVE CLEANING EFFECTS. Will pick dust, debris and anything on the floor. The suction is also powerful enough to be used on pet hair, which is usually a pain to remove!
ENJOY SAFE SMART CLEANING: This Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is fitted with Fall prevention & anti-collision sensors with climbing and virtual protection band (optional) to help detect and avoid obstacles and falls.
WORRY-FREE WARRANTY: We certain that this cleaning robot will solve your smart cleaning needs and that’s why Tesvor proudly and confidently offers a 30-day return policy and a 12-months manufacturer’s warranty against defects! Contact us in case of any question or queries!

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  1. Yavuzturk Tech

    I plan return it because it not work properly now keep saying anti fall detect it’s not going over the carpet that it’s not too high and I put on carpet it doesn’t not move it’s not even long hair high carpet brushes get stuck I seen other videos works fine

  2. Marteen Masloveski

    Very good video Steve. I bought the robot after doing some research including watching your review and today's i used it as a tutorial to set it up. Although the manuals are very good I simply watched your vid, also to connect it with Alexa. Only thing that made me wonder is a different remote control with only 4 buttons on the bottom. That single room mode does not seem to exist here. And the German voice output is male 😉

  3. Gullifull

    I just cant connect him with my wifi and i tried literally everything
    i even split my wifi in a 2.4 ghz and a 5ghz mode with different adresses so i definetly use the 2.4ghz but it doesnt work it doesnt even do the first step

  4. Mark Mill

    Please please do not waste your money on this. Save your money and buy literally anything else. The navigation doesn't work at all and actually stops the vacuum from attempting to everything. If it was a completely random cleaner, there would at least be hope that it would eventually cover everything.
    After 2 weeks, mine has has started shutting off whenever it hits an obstacle, which makes it delete it's progress. Short circuit probably. It's completely useless. I have to restart it every 3 minutes.
    I am single with no pets and hardly any furniture. (For reference). Very uncomplicated place to clean. It really can't find its base either, if it's not 5 feet in front of it.

  5. Ramzi

    i like the quality of the video and the effort invested to produce it. However, imho it looked more like a manual instead of a review. I expect from a review to test the robot on multi floors and carpets and show if it is cleaning properly or not and if it removes dust in corners and other setups…


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