Setup The Philips Hue White and Color Starter Kit A19 Bulbs

Setup The Philips Hue White and Color Starter Kit A19 Bulbs

Setup The Philips Hue White and Color Starter Kit A19 Bulbs
* Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control (Hue Bridge hub required and included, Alexa device sold separately)
* 3rd generation starter kit includes 3 Color LED light bulbs with richer colors (deeper shades of Green, cyan and blue) and a bridge 2.0 that wirelessly connects up to 50 lights
* The square-shaped Philips hue bridge 2.0 enables scene and room control with Amazon Alexa, is compatible with Apple homekit technology and provides you with more internal storage
* Choose from 16 million colors and 50,000 shades of white light, from warm to cool white
* Sync your lights with your music, movies and games for an immersive effect

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  1. Dhananjay Pawar

    Thanks it was very helpful. I live in india and i am planning to order a 3rd gen kit from US( 3rd gen is not yet available in india ) so do they support e27 or e26 holders because i may have to buy a adapter as b22 holders are commonly used in india.

  2. damPHD

    Can you get a single focus to be used individually? And still be able to control it directly with the app without a bridge? Please, I need to know.

  3. Daryl Hodson

    After initial set-up, does the bridge need to continue to be connected to the internet? I have no ISP where I live and need something that's local only. I can hospot from my phone for set-up.

  4. Tony Venturella

    Shoot, you skipped the part on the app I'm stuck on: Pair Bridge – It says to use the "HomeKit Setup Code" and has a picture of a QR code…I have no QR code on my box or in the instructions and have no idea what this is talking about.

  5. Revell25

    After I setup my initial lights, now I added one of the color strips a week later, and the Hue App found it no problem when I plugged it in and created a nickname and everything for it, but for some reason when I go to the Google Home App to add in there to add for voice command, it's not showing the new light. It only shows the existing ones I set up at the beginning. It shows kind of the Hue icon and 5 lights under it but not 6 which I have now. Do I unpair Hue from Google Home or do I need to hit the button on my bridge for it to show up on Google app or somethin? Thanks.

  6. Chris Pennell

    I have a chance to get the starter kit with 4 bulbs for 150 Canadian. I'm really thinking about it. But I can also get the nanoleaf starter kit with 15 leafs for 199+ tax so I'm kinda on the fence.

  7. Bill Anderson

    Buddy, buddy, buddy. If you're going to be a tech helper the consept of step 1, 2, 3, and 4 is important. DON'T SKIP STEP 2.
    @ 3:55 where you are downloading the app, and then the app is searching for the Hue Bridge………. WHAT HUE BRIDGE? You skipped step 2 so there IS NO HUE BRIDGE. That white box with the network cord coming out of it…where does the network cord go? to my laptop? To the LAN port on my router (all my LAN ports are full BTW) So maybe I need to use wireless but ARE YOU SURE it's wireless?

    Forgetit the Video is useless when you skip steps.



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