Setup An Amazon Alexa With A Mac Computer Explained

Setup An Amazon Alexa With A Mac Computer Explained

Setup An Amazon Alexa With A Mac Computer Explained
I will show you have to setup an amazo alexa with a computer with wifi

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  1. cave redecorator

    i just got the echo voice remote. i am trying to set it up/ pair what ever.. without a cell phone app. any one have advice? UPDATE… finally figured it out. you have to get your lap top to detect new bluetooth device… then pair… then go to, go to settings, and follow the directions for your device… then… alexa says… installing updates for your remote voice, you wont be able to use it for 5 minutes. mine took more like 15 minutes to do all updates. maybe if you dont play music at the same time it will go faster. if you want one of these things, the best deal i found was on even on amazon prime day it was cheaper because i didnt have to pay tax. only 15 dollars. cheaper that buying an echo, or echo dot for another room.

  2. Matrix Coder

    Great video nicely done, although the hand gesture at the end you might want to change as in the U.K. it certainly does not me peace lol, have fun finding out what it means to UK residents haha.

  3. jjdvideo

    Trying to install Echo (2nd Generation) to a desktop.
    I can get as far as "Go to your Wi-Fi settings on this computer "
    but how do you find the Wi-Fi settings?

  4. Alice.

    I was told that Alexa won't work on your PC if you power your computer down. It only works if the PC is hibernating or in sleep mode. I was wondering if a smart plug resolve that issue. Or I will burn my PC by doing this steps?

  5. James Hawkins

    Steve, thanks for your reply. I am now on my daughter's Win10 laptop and still having problems. When I connect to the AMAZON-XXX, it automatically disconnects my browser and other programs that need the Internet to work. When I reconnect my main WI-Fi, it automatically disconnects Alexa. Am I doing something wrong? I am also getting a message from Norton saying that the Alexa connection is not secure. How do I change that?

  6. blackice

    Alexa is pretty good, but the fact that it can only be accessed via a WiFi connection is a major issue. There really should be a setting to allow it to connect via ethernet to wiFi.

  7. Johnny

    Gimmick product! Another spying tool for the corporations/government. People like these gadgets yet complain when they no longer have privacy? I can check my own front door, order takeout and anything else that Alexa can do and remain private about doing it. Be careful of what you wish for. They record all conversations in your home. It won't be long before the government requires all households to have these types of devices for monitoring of the family. And the "oh, dear, the children" crowd will be all for it. Read 1984

  8. anna reeves

    Hello and Thank you for your video. I don't have a smartphone and was really ready to send my echo dots back to Amazon. Your video was right on and made it easy for me to get them set up Thank you………

  9. Matt Record

    Thanks for the video. My grandma just got one of these for Christmas but doesn't have a smart phone. At first we thought it wasn't going to be possible for her to use. Where glad to find out you can use it on a regular laptop.

  10. prestcs

    Hi Tech Steve, Great video! My mother, who is blind, just got an Echo for Christmas yesterday and she doesn't have a mobile phone, so we're purchasing an Echo connect to use with her landline, but we weren't sure how to program everything, so this really helps. I do have one question about contacts, which you didn't discuss in your video. Can we program contacts and phone numbers using our PC and the Alexa app? Everything else I've checked says the Echo downloads our contacts from our mobile phone, but as I mentioned, she doesn't have one and all of the contacts on my mobile phone are business contacts. I don't want to risk my mother accidently calling one of my business contacts. Thanks!

  11. Nerve Damage

    I'm a quadriplegic, I do not have a smartphone, can't use one. I managed to get Echo on line without one. Is there any smart plugs or lights that can connect without a smartphone?
    Because if not, this technology is worthless to people like me. It looks like it was made for lazy people.



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