Setup An Amazon Alexa With A Computer

Setup An Amazon Alexa With A Computer
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How to Set Up An Amazon Alexa With A Computer

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  1. i just got the echo voice remote. i am trying to set it up/ pair what ever.. without a cell phone app. any one have advice? UPDATE… finally figured it out. you have to get your lap top to detect new bluetooth device… then pair… then go to alexa.amazon.com, go to settings, and follow the directions for your device… then… alexa says… installing updates for your remote voice, you wont be able to use it for 5 minutes. mine took more like 15 minutes to do all updates. maybe if you dont play music at the same time it will go faster. if you want one of these things, the best deal i found was on ebay.com even on amazon prime day it was cheaper because i didnt have to pay tax. only 15 dollars. cheaper that buying an echo, or echo dot for another room.

  2. Great video nicely done, although the hand gesture at the end you might want to change as in the U.K. it certainly does not me peace lol, have fun finding out what it means to UK residents haha.

  3. Trying to install Echo (2nd Generation) to a desktop.
    I can get as far as "Go to your Wi-Fi settings on this computer "
    but how do you find the Wi-Fi settings?


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