Samsung Gear S2 vs Fitbit Blaze What’s The Difference

Samsung Gear S2 vs Fitbit Blaze What’s The Difference
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  1. Hi Steve,

    Does the Gear S2 require 3G, is this something you need to setup at a Service Provider or can it be linked to your samsung phone and use gps, and etc. through that?


  2. I've had the gear s2 for almost 30 days. had the small bands replaced as they were faulty in the box. just now they have snapped, not happy with the quality. I was just laying in bed moved my wrist and it broke the band. tempted to resell at a loss and buy a blaze

  3. There is a correction here the gear 2 will work with most android phones. As long as it is running 4.4 kitkat and you DL the samsung gear app from the play store.


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