Samsung DeX Pad Explained

Samsung DeX Pad Desktop Working experience for Samsung Galaxy Be aware8 , GS8, GS8+, GS9, and GS9+ W/ Speedy Demand USB-C Wall Charge

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International Variation:
US Variation:
Dex Station:

Created in admirer to preserve your cellular phone amazing even though docked
Many connection ports: 2 x USB-A 2., USB-C charging, HDMI output, Includes Speedy Cost wall charger, USB-C cable and HDMI cable
Quickly charging is offered when Speedy Demand method is picked and working with provided wall charger and cables. If a non-Samsung or Samsung charger underneath 15 W (9 V, 1.67 A) is used, DeX Pad may possibly not function or could be weakened.
Global Model consists of: Quickly Demand Wall Charger, USB-C Cable, HDMI Cable, and Brief Start Guideline
DeX is suitable with Galaxy S8, Galaxy Observe8 and later on versions of the Galaxy S (S9) and Galaxy Take note collection
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Samsung DeX Pad – Switch Your S8, S9 or Note 8 into a Desktop Computer system

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Comment (65)

  1. This is an awesome device! Just an FYI you can use this without a physical keyboard and mouse for when the phone is docked you can now use the phone itself as the mouse or keyboard! great video by the way! keep it up!

  2. no need for dex station anymore.after Oreo update you can find the switch button to choose between HDMI or Dex mode under setting-connection-advanced

  3. Hey so I got a monitor that came with a DELL PC from like 7 years ago. Pc is crappy but monitor is rlly good. How will I know if it works with the Dex Pad?

  4. business opportunity here for someone to make a clip on designed for this to attach (adjustable) on top of the monitor so you have the phone as pc and webcam while all the cables are hidden, cleanest setup on the go and more functional, unless you really need to use the screen as trackpad that is

  5. I am not good at technology stuffs (and English) so can I ask u this: when we connect the dexpad to the monitor, do we need a PC? Or we just only need the monitor and the dexpad?

  6. I was wondering if you can help me. While using Samsung Dex on my 40' Vizio Tv, the Samsung Dex "icons are not displayed withing the borders of my TV screen". I've tried some screen ajustments on my TV but it on helped a little.

  7. Thanks for putting in layman's terms it was clear and straight to the point. I have a s8+ and a lot of these electronic stores don't carry the dex station, on the pad dex, and I was told numerous times from the tech guys it's only for S9 etc so I did my research and also came across this video and come to find out they finally looked it up and found out its compatible with my phone it even says in the box in fine print so I was able to feel reassured that I new what I was talking about arguing with tech guys in best buy lol so anyhow bought it hooked it works great keep the videos coming I've already subscribed two thumbs up


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