Samsung 4K TV Menu And Apps System Explained

Samsung UHD MU6070 and Most Samsung 4K Television set Menu And Apps Procedure
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40″ Samsung MU6290 4K Television How To Set up The Principles Furthermore A lot more…

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Samsung UHD MU6070 and Most Samsung 4K Tv Menu And Apps Technique

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  1. Bought this same model last month at BJ's for $599.99 discounted with a $200.00 clipless coupon. Gonna hook it up on the wall of my detached garage this fall when the weather breaks gets close to 100 degrees at times. TV is rated at 50 – 103 degrees + or – 7 degrees so AC is necessary.

  2. I have my gaming laptop connected to the TV and on the HDMI source it won't let me edit the color, tint, and several of other pictures settings on the HDMI source with the Gaming Laptop, it says "this function is not available."

    My previous 1080p HD Samsung TV did allow to change everything with my Gaming Laptop. Someone help me please!

  3. I loathe these smart TVs. I just want a plain ass 50 inch monitor with multiple hdmi inputs. i will use my own PC for what i want. it is a damn education with these tvs. Technology getting so advanced it is slowing things down instead of streamlining like it is meant to do. same with phone and such. there is way to much BS in there you only use 10% of it at best. to many options to mind numbing and to much bloated crap.

  4. When I turn on my MU6070, I get a pop up menu on my screen that has the following selections… Watch, Listen, Sound Effects Settings. If I hit Watch, it brings me to a second screen to select an Input with the following selections (BD/DVD, GAME, SAT/CATV, Video, TV). Is there any way to stop the menu from popping up at all? I always just hit Return twice to get through it but it is annoying as hell.

  5. Quick question how can you change your region I have it in Canadian and wanted in U.S pacific coast time and American channels ? I have a problem and I need help please help me

  6. Thank you, I have this tv but we lost our remote do you know where I can buy the remote for this tv ? Also my t.v. sometimes the volume doesn't want to work like it won't go up or down and some days it works fine through manually and through a remote phone app.

  7. Could you please post best pic settings for this TV? I bought this TV, but so far I am very disappointed in the picture quality. Ratings. Com has silar model with recommended settings but mine on certain sliders wouldn't go no where near what they recommended.


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