Returned Sony a6400 And a7iii | Keeping The Panasonic GH5

Returned Sony a6400 And a7iii | Keeping The Panasonic GH5

Why I Returned The Sony a7iii And The a6400 And Kept The GH5
After buying the Sony cameras I was so excited but then the logistic of using them turned my option. This video explains what I didn’t know at the time.

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  1. Tech With Brett

    This is an excellent comparison video Steve! I always wondered why the Sony fanboys love the cameras. While they may look good usability is far behind. I'm glad I went with the GH5! I would love to hear your thoughts on lenses. My Sigma is so loud on the GH5.

  2. HIRO'S TV Japan

    I was Panasonic user G7 and G85 and really loved it best part of G85 was IBIS it was so good. But the problem I always faced was auto focus. Before buying G85 I thought of a6300 and a6500 but it has 4k limit and gets overheat, etc so I did not get that and went with G85. Then a6400 came out it had everything that I wanted but no IBIS so I really never thought that I will buy a6400 but that Auto focus that I just could not get out of G85 really changed my mind and got it. Right now I'm really glad that I got it because pictures and video of my kids come out really good. With G85 video is steady and smooth but a lot of part was not in focus so it was not good. But a6400 would not miss a shot. But I do miss the IBIS in G85.


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