Integrating XBMC into Windows Media Center Now Kodi

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  1. The integration works perfect on the PC but does not work with the Xbox 360 as an extender. The XBMC sows up in the WMC on the Xbox but fails to connect. I get the "Reconnect" error. Have you been able to use this with an extender to view on an HDTV?

  2. XBMC sucks for live tv and recorded tv period but works well for ripped videos. WMC is perfect for recorded tv and live tv, music and pictures. That's why we use both software. Of course if you don't use WMC for live tv then it will be useless to you.

  3. From the posts I am seeing below, the extender does not support this. Which means it's useless to me. The TVs are connected through extenders. I don't watch TV from the PC.


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