Integrating iTunes w/ Google Music

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  1. Is there a way to partition what music is in the cloud and what music actually goes onto my android? I want ALL my music on the cloud but my phones memory isn't big enough to save it all. I don't wan't to constantly stream music to my phone when I'm not at home or around a wifi. I just want an app that will let me wirelessly manage the music on my phone. This seems to sync all or nothing. There is no "just phone" or "just cloud" option.

  2. On the new version of play music press the headphone icon/ then listen now you will have an option to all music or on device which allows you to play only what's on your sd card. You can also download your music to your device from the cloud by pressing the thumb tack on the track or folder that you want. Be sure to go into the settings and check download on wifi only,


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