Integrating Boxee TV into Windows

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Boxee Integration 2.0 provides an easy way for users to go back and forth between Windows Media Center and Boxee. When clicking on Boxee in Windows 7 Media Center, the software automatically closes
Windows Media Center, Starts Boxee Maximized in full screen. When you are done with Boxee,
click on Exit in the main menu, the software will automatically start Windows Media Center back up in full screen mode.

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  1. Still in Beta but you can get my app with these youtube feed. Goto android market and type in "techstevesd" make sure you press auto update as I get the technology down I will refresh the app. Thanks Steven

  2. @TechSteveSD that's great but what main reason would you want to run boxee from media centre ? is it just to keep the big screen interface once exited from boxee ?

  3. @jamiempatrick – The reason I use it is so I don't have to use my computer mouse and exit media center the bring up boxee on my desktop. Very easy to control boxee, xmbc, hulu and my recorder show all from mc remote.


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