iLive Platinum ISWFV387G Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa

iLive Platinum ISWFV387G Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon AlexaAmazon Link http://amzn.to/2zaWaem
iLive Platinum ISWFV387G Bluetooth(R) Speaker with Amazon(R) Alexa(TM)Voice-activated Amazon(R) Alexa(TM)
Built-in Wi-Fi(R), Wi-Fi(R) Direct & multi-room play
Multi-user capable
3.5mm aux input
Streams from iHeartRadio(R), TIDAL(R) or audio stored directly on smart device

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  1. I have the iLive and my daughter has the echo dot. The echo dot makes calls and can drop in on others with the echo. However, the iLive doesn’t appear to drop in or make calls… I put in my phone number with the confirmation and it says it still can’t make calls. Am I doing something wrong or is this the limitations with the iLife?

  2. Hi Steve – I'm having such a hard time – just got it – set everything up perfect – but still can't seem to get the voice activation/commands working – I say "Alexa…" and get no response?? It's connected to wifi, plays music, mute is off, all lit up, etc but still nada? Any ideas? I called tec support and they have to call me back??!! So frustrated!!

  3. Whats up my man? How are you?! I love your drive and motivation to become an influencer I know I can help build your online influence lets connect via instagram @thomasmesen

  4. Thank you, have it up and running. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. Sounds good for a small unit, wife is thrilled now she can listen to a radio station that she like but very weak most of the time, other stations come over the one she likes, now problem solved thanks to Amazon Concierge Alexa. Station is available on the inter net, Happy Wife, THUMBS UP.

  5. Tech Steve have tell man ur Vidoe No good. Is Awesomely made well. hehe I just received that unit today & going configure it soon. I am glad I like doing research 1st before I actually power on & Config. One thing don't like I cannot do config thru my Monster of a PC Desktop I have ( Build by me even part case). 🙂 This how instructional Video's should be made. talk not type. Kudos peace


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