iLive IAHB64 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Headset – Unboxing And Setup!

iLive IAHB64 Wi-fi Bluetooth 3. Headset – Unboxing
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iLive IAHB64 Wireless Bluetooth 3. Headset – Unboxing And Setup!
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iLive IAHB64 Wi-fi Bluetooth 3. Headset – Unboxing

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Comment (78)

  1. Hi, this video has been very informative and clear, but whenever i'm talking to somebody with the headphones on, the can barely hear my voice and some static. If you can please help that would be great!

  2. Hi, i just bought this model: iLive™ Bluetooth® Wireless Neckband Headphones w/ Built-in Mic. Even though I've been trying to recharge it for hours it keeps interrupting the songs while playing as if the battery was getting low. Is there any "proper" way to recharge it, or is it just damaged or something like this? How many hours does that need to have full battery?

  3. Do you know where i can get the drivers for these headphones to use them on my PC? I have bluetooth on my PC and it pairs with them just fine, but windows can't install them because it can't find the drivers. I have windows 7.

  4. Love the video! Do you know if they have to charge all the way in order for them to turn on? The iLive headphones will not turn on when wireless, but has the red light on when I charge them. This pair of headphones were given to me, so therefore I have no instructions, box, any of that sort. Please help?


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