How to Take Apart, Clean, Reassemble, Upgrade 780 SFF

How to Take Apart, Clean, Reassemble, Upgrade 780 SFF
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  1. Very helpful, takes the tension away from rebuilds at work. After more than 6 of these I am still nervous on-site with so much mitigation distractions are around while I'm working.

  2. You have to be a little careful cleaning that fan. You want to hold it down when your using compressed air/wiping it because it could cause the fan to move in a direction that is uncomfortable for the fan and could potentially damage it.

  3. my optiplex 760 power button distubingme, power button open after few attempts, how to clean power button dust or how to open system chasing front side. you did not open front chasing pls guide us. Thanks

  4. Good Video! I would only suggest you say what each cable is for (power, data, etc,) as you dis/reconnect, for those who may not know. The wiring looks intimidating, but is really not, once understood. Also, why the (thermal) compound is necessary – and never touch those mating surfaces.

  5. Just one thing, I personally avoid touching the CPU surface before applying thermal grease. Wipe it with some alcohol, let it dry, makes for better thermal dissipation

  6. I have a bunch of 780s i'm trying to refurbish and sell. My problem is many of them don't have the dvd rom drives. I install a new dvd rom, but I can't get the computer to recognize it. Sometimes the drive will light up and spin a cd or disc, but the computer never sees it. I've tried to go to dell support and download drivers but nothing has worked so far.

  7. Using a flat head screwdriver instead of Philips head and your bizarre theory about how you ground your body from time to time touching that metal frame make you a real expert in this field .Just looking forward to see more bizarre statements from you in your unintentional funny videos.

  8. Thanks, I bought a used one of these about two years ago and its about time to do a thorough cleaning. Have you replaced the HDD with an SSD in this 780 yet? Great info.

  9. Nice job! I have one of these with no video card and only 2 for of RAM. It seems to have 64 bit processor. Windows 10 reports a 32 but system with a 64 bit processor! WTH would some one up grade the system but nothing else it's beyond me. So I'm going to do that stuff… I like how thorough you w we're with it.. I've seen videos that say I can put Mac osx on it if I have the right to card. Have you done anything like that with one? Really considering it here some one else suggested TRUEOS. A BSD GUI MAYBE.

  10. Thank You Tech Steve. I have a Dell Optiplex 780 I want to add more ram as it only has 2 GB ram running Windows 7 i want to make sure i get the right ram for the board or do i just replace the board and get the right ram for the new board? thanks again


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