How To Setup Samsung Gear VR Headset By Oculus

How To Setup Samsung Gear VR Headset By Oculus
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  1. I try to download the app fulldive VRTube it won't come out I type (Vr tube) nothing (VRTube) nothing (full dive VRTube) nothing (FulldiveVRTube) nothing

  2. Hey question..
    I got mine free from preordering it. one out of 2 just arrived. But idk where too get my free bonus content from occulus. can u help me out

  3. Hey i want to brows the web and watch movies in bed with my vr head set that i got with my s8+ but when i put it on all i see is the ceiling. i have to sit up to see the little movie screen

  4. This was such an in depth video. Thank you so much. I couldn't figure out how to slide that part on the left hand side to fit my phone, but you helped me. I am still having difficulties with getting that Samsung protective screen to snap on correctly, I am hoping that your tip to slide in order to fit my phone will fix that. Thank you for the extra app ideas too. I gave you a thumbs up! You did a fabulous job explaining everything! :0)

  5. I was wandering if i could use this to see any game in 3d. When ask google if the VR is supported by games theyre alway talking about the whole experience, but i just want to use it for 3d. I like my mouse and keyboard, but dont like my 2d screen

  6. It wont work any more, and the software won't download anymore. When I get it manually it isn't compatible with my VR device . I also cannot charge my phone unless I uninstall the app

  7. Wanted to ask , suppose a phone is not supported but Can i just use the phone and connect it with the samsung VR to view youtube stuff which are in VR ? ( I dont need the buttons or things just want to see in 3D )


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