How To Make Phone Calls With Amazon Alexa Devices( U.S., Canada, and Mexico)

How To Make Phone Calls With Amazon Alexa Devices
Use Alexa Calling to make calls to Alexa contacts, and most mobile and landline numbers (in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico) at no additional cost.

Calling Features
Use this service with the Alexa app on compatible Android (5.0+) and iOS (9.0+) devices and compatible Alexa-enabled devices. For compatibility, check the Alexa app or try using the feature on your device.

With Alexa Calling, you can make the following types of calls:

Alexa-to-Alexa Calling – Make and receive calls between compatible Alexa-enabled devices or the Alexa app. You can contact members from your mobile contacts list with a compatible device or the Alexa app, and signed up for Alexa Communication.

Note: This feature doesn’t support SMS, calling mobile numbers, or calling landlines.

Mobile/Landline Calling – You can call most mobile or landline numbers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico from your compatible Alexa-enabled devices or the Alexa app. Use Alexa to reach supported numbers saved to your mobile device’s contacts list. Or, say the number that you want to call.

Note: Alexa Calling does not currently support calls to the following types of numbers:

Emergency services numbers (for example, “911”)
Premium-rate numbers (for example, “1-900” numbers, or toll numbers)
N-1-1 numbers / abbreviated dial codes (for example, “211,” “411,” etc.)
International numbers (for example, numbers outside of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico)
Dial-by-letter numbers (for example, “1-800-FLOWERS”)
About Using the Alexa App
Use the Communicate “” icon in the Alexa app on compatible devices to make calls. You can also use the Alexa icon.

To make and receive calls from anyone on your phone’s contacts list:
Verify that they have the Alexa app or a compatible Echo device.
Verify your contact has enabled the Alexa Communication feature.
Make a Call with Alexa
To start a call from a compatible Echo device or the Alexa app, ask Alexa to call the person or contact by name.

You can specify which contact information Alexa uses, depending on the options you have saved in your contacts list. You can dial numbers directly as well, by saying each digit (including the area code) of the number you want to call.

To learn more, go to Make Calls with Alexa on Your Supported Device.

About International Alexa-to-Alexa Calls
With Alexa-to-Alexa Calling, you make and receive international calls between compatible Alexa enabled devices and the Alexa app. Check the contact that you want to reach is in a location that also supports Alexa Communication, has signed up for Alexa Communication, and is listed in your Alexa-to-Alexa contacts list in the Alexa app.

Answer Alexa-to-Alexa Calls
You can receive incoming calls from your Alexa-to-Alexa contacts on your compatible Alexa enabled devices and the Alexa app.

When an Alexa-to-Alexa call comes in, the light on all your supported Echo devices flashes green, a ringtone sounds, and Alexa announces who’s calling.

To answer the call, just say, “Answer.” If you don’t want to answer the call, say, “Ignore.” When using the Alexa app, the contact card for the caller shows on-screen, with Answer and Ignore options.

The light on your Echo device stays green while the call is connected. If you’re on a call and another call comes in, the new call is automatically sent to another available device in your home.

To turn off the incoming call ringer for a specific device, use the Alexa app:
Select the Devices “” icon.
Select a device.
Select Sounds.
Toggle off Incoming Call Ringer.

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How To Make Phone Calls With Amazon Alexa Devices

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