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How To Extract Audio Out Of HDMI Cables With A DotStone HDMI Audio 236

How To Extract Audio Out Of HDMI Cables With A DotStone HDMI Audio 236

HDMI Audio Extractor Splitter HDMI In to HDMI Out + Optical Audio TOSLINK SPDIF+ Digital Analog RCA L / R Stereo Audio Splitter Converter Adapter Support 4K@30Hz 1080P Full HD 3D by DotStone

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Dotstone HDMI Audio Extractor Splitter:
DotStone HDMI Switch 4×1 with PIP:
IBRA Orange HDMI Cable 5ft:

➤High Definition Audio: HDMI Splitter Extracts digital audio signal from HDMI source device and converts it to 5.1 channel digital surround or 2 channel analog stereo output, No Signal Loss
➤Three Audio mode switch settings: Pass, 2CH and 5.1CH. Optical SPDIF Output supports incoming Pass 2CH PCM, 5.1CH Dolby Digital, DTS (Dolby Digital Plus not supported); Analog RCA L/R Output supports incoming 2CH PCM stereo audio
➤Wide Applicability: HDMI audio optical splitter Designed to split 5.1CH/2CH audio from HDMI device like Chromecast, Blu-ray player, cable box, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc. Perfect to use if your receiver/sound bar/surround system does not have HDMI input
➤Latest Technology: HDMI v1.4,HDMI Audio Converter Supports 4kx2k, Full 3D,Full HD 1080P,720P,480P resolution, 36-bit deep color with sync sound. Supports HDCP, Video EDID Pass Through, Plug & Play.Hight Quality and Compatibility in Product Category
➤Safety and Quality Guarantee: HDMI audio extractor Certified by FCC,CE and ROHS, DC5V input eligible for worldwide use, ensuring complete safety for you and your devices. Welcome to guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service

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How To Extract Audio Out Of HDMI Cables With A DotStone HDMI Audio 236

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  1. Lays N

    Hi just want to know if hdmi to hdmi arc converter / Hdmi audio extractor works with chromecast along with soundbar? I bought a soundbar with only 1 hdmi arc and optical output and the tv I have is old but has 2 hdmi in, no optical, no arc and I want to cast videos and have my audio coming out of the soundbar simultaneously. Is it possible using that device?

  2. David p

    Can this device be used in order to play video from one HDMI source and audio from another simultaneously? I have a Yamaha 679 and I can't figure it out. When I have get togethers is like to have music playing with a football game or something on at the same time.

    Please help! Thanks in advance

  3. carlos juarez

    i want to find a way of extracting the audio of the control (xbox one) with mini HDMI to my headset, you think that probably work it?
    (I have a Steelseries artics 5)

  4. Jexuell Rodriguez

    Hi Tech Steve!!! I got a projector that has audio output, but… is not working no more the output, will this audio extractor will work for me? To get sounds using my home theater??? Thanks!!!

  5. DJ Hesh

    Hey buddy, i am trying to connect my projector(No HDMI ARC) to sonos beam(Which required HDMI ARC ) and am struggling. Do you have a solution for me . ? 🙂

  6. NiekkieNick

    Hi Steve! I hope you can help me with a technical problem I am having. It's kind of a challenge. I have a older Sony DA2400ES surround receiver and set up a 5.1 speakersystem. I also own a PS2, PS3 and a PS4 Slim. When I switch the HDMI setting in my AMP to TV+AMP, the PS4 Slim doesn't switch to 5.1 surround. When I plug in an old Sony MD through the optical output of the TV, I have an audio signal. When I switch the HDMI setting in my amp to only AMP, the PS4 Slim switches automatically to 5.1, but I don't have audio out through the optical out of the TV. I want to use the optical out of the TV for a surround headset. Hope you can help! Many thanks!

  7. AlfMacGuffin

    Hi Steve, great video! I have a question: to extract the audio is it required to have the out hdmi connected or do image and sound channels work separately and alone? I need to extract the audio that I send from my Spotify app to a Google Chromecast (not an Audio Chromecast) to an optical (or RCA) input port of and HIFI amplifier. Thanks in advance.

  8. shafiq keepsmile

    HI i have Lcd tv and dish these two are connected with HDMI cable but my requirement is
    I dont want the tv sound i want to connect sound with my JBL flip 3 speaker via aux cable
    Is there any possibility to do this thing ?

  9. ummar jsh

    Hi sir it can support real 5.1 surround sound system through using optical connection and also can support dolby and dts ? Bcz i want to buy a new logitech speaker it have optical connection it will works?

  10. Majid Hussain

    Hi I'm using a vintage amplifier on my tv the amplifier doesn't have a remote I'm using the headphone jack from my tv and can control the volume from my TVs remote.
    I'm getting a new Samsung tv soon and it doesn't have a headphone jack can use this item to extract sound from the hdmi and most importantly will the TVs remote still control the volume? Thanks great video

  11. iko mu

    so is this MUTE the HDMI Sound or Both HDMI SOUND and SPDIF are active? I just want to pass the SPDIF sound to my yamaha 5.1 sound system for the movies but keep using TV speakers daily… is it possible???… Thanks

  12. Garminizator

    There's one question I have – is there any audio getting to the monitor after it hits the extractor device? Or is it completely taken away from the HDMI signal and sent to the audio output of the extractor? The option to have the device duplicate the audio and send it both to the monitor and the audio output would be nice. Great video Steve 🙂

  13. shane woodberry

    Right I got to this one in the video but come across a problem. I want to use it on my epson projector ebx41. With chromecast now I got the sound coming out of my sound bar but got no picture on my projector. Any help will be much appreciated thank you.
    P.s it is not HDMI leads as I have tried 5 different ones.

  14. Kenneth Morgan

    I'm not having too much success…. The audio is working, however it seems to be working indepently. Even when I cut the projector off, I still hear the audio from the external speakers. Frustrating

  15. Anthony Loera

    I have a tv with no 3.5mm jack but I want to use headphones and it doesn't have bluetooth but I would like to use bluetooth headphones. Suggestions please

  16. Tyler Koepp

    This was a perfect explanation. I'm so grateful you made this review. You saved me so much time scratching my head wondering how to get sound out of my HDMI chord. Thank you.



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