How To Clone or Copy Your Hard Drive When Upgrading or Swapping With Acronis

How To Clone or Copy Your Hard Drive When Upgrading or Swapping With Acronis
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Hey guys if you want to change your hard drive and maintain all the work into setting up your computer this video will show you how, The parts and software I used will cost you less than $60 bucks. Not Including the Hard Drive.

What’s in the video?
Software Acronis True Image 2016

Kingwin Aluminum USB 3.0 External Enclosure for 2.5-Inch SATA HDD (KH-201U3-BK)

OCZ Technology 256GB Agility 4 Series SATA 6Gb/s 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive( SSD) With Up to 420 MB/s Read And 85K Max.IOPS- AGT4-25SAT3-256G

Adapter Website
https://www.sabrent.com/products.php or

Cheaper Adapter less than 20 Bucks

SANOXY A12940 SATA/PATA/IDE Drive to USB 2.0 Adapter Converter http://amzn.to/1JWSa4A

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  1. Thanks Steve, what was that cool background music? I will be looking at this again. We have a 3 year old computer then picked up a new one with an i5 with win-10. We are operating win-7 and want to clone HD and install in new computer.

  2. Hey man i bought the Acronis True Image 2017 software and when i tried cloning the drove i got as far as the "restart required" step, once i restarted the computer it didnt boot into the acronis boot it just booted up like normal and the drive wasnt cloned, any advice? thanks

  3. Tech Steve, I have a hard drive array raid0. Two 1TB HD's in it. One of them is giving me warnings and I know if it fails I lose both so I want (need) to switch them out. I'd love to change it to a raid1 to avoid this issue in the future, but for right now I'd be happy stabilizing. I have another 1.5 TB hard drive in the computer separate from the array as a back up. With acronis could I mirror the two hard drive array to the 1.5 backup, put in two new drives then mirror it back? I also have a large external HD if it would be easier to mirror to an external for this purpose. Thanks in advance for any advice you might have to offer!

  4. Hi Steve. Can I clone to an external usb drive and transfer to another laptop at a later date. I was looking at Macrium reflect but no one seems to have vids showing how to do that. I have to return my screen broken laptop to the insurers before I can get a voucher to buy a new one. I can buy a new HD to clone to if there is some standard in modern UK laptops around the £350 range.

  5. Hi Tech Steve. I have a quick question. I have an older Gateway laptop that i put a SSD in a year or so ago. I cloned the original drive from it to the SSD. Works GREAT. This computer is having internet problems where it is very slow.

    I want to take the SSD and put it into a newer Dell laptop and have everything the same on it as with the other one. Can I just take the clone drive and put it into the Dell and have it work, or will i have to take another route?

  6. good video, observation:
    no steps on changing the bios/uefi once you have created a ssd from an old hdd? Once you take out the old hdd and replace with the cloned ssd won't the bios/uefi be looking for the old drive ?

  7. i have a HP g6 laptop witha 298.09GB HDD (300GB)
    this laptop has 4 partitions (from the company)

    # C: (278.34GB) NTFS
    # D: Recovery (15.59GB) NTFS
    # E: HP_TOOLS (3.97GB) FAT32
    # SYSTEM (199MB) NTFS

    i can use the F11 key to restore to factory settings without starting Windows (using partition "D")

    if i clone this HDD to a new HDD or a SDD will it going to clone all the partitions ?
    and can i still use the F11 key to restore to factory settings ?
    also if i use a bigger capacity drive like a 1TB what will happen to the extra space 700GB ?

    the HDD is making some sounds so it's time to get a new drive

  8. Thanks for the crystal clear instruction and you've presented it like a champion. Great to have the music at the end of the show so I can fully understand you, unlike some of the other videos I've seen from other instructors who don't even speak, while blasting the music.

  9. In the video, you already have the SSD in the laptop- and it is obviously already booting from the SSD, so it must have already been cloned. My question is- when you FIRST cloned your old drive to your new SSD- was your old drive still in the laptop, and the SSD was on the outside, hooked up via USB? I have heard cloned laptop drives wont boot unless they are *inside the laptop during the cloning process*.. but if you need to set it up that way, how do you get your laptop to run if its original drive has been removed?

  10. Hi Steve. I recently had one of my laptops fail at a motherboard level. The 256 GB and 1 TB SSD's were ok. I have since purchased a WD Red 8 TB and partitioned it into four 1.25 TB partitions intending to "clone" my remaining 2 desktops and the other laptop with Acronis.
    My question, which I am afraid is "mute", is can I clone into a partition and get all the computers onto one drive. If not I will take older, smaller hard drives that are in storage and copy all the data onto to the 8 TB drive, reformat the smaller drives and use them one for each computer. Hopefully to remember to copy and rewrite the cloned drives every couple of three years to avoid data fade.
    I do make very frequent data backups on all computers onto a NAS but not the operating system. Calling and re-purchasing third party programs is expensive for one failure and very time consuming! Gotta be a better / faster way.
    Thank you!

  11. hi Steve my macbook pro OS crashed so its asking me to re-install new os, can I make packup of my data before doing that using inateck without getting HD out of my notebook?

  12. Can u clone a hard drive for defunctioning laptop and then put the cloned hard drive into a non-function laptop (corrupted windows boot files) and run it simultaneously with the other laptop on the same Windows licence??

  13. great video. im by no means a computer expert but i think i could do this now. is the acronis software free? in this video you cloned from an ssd drive. i assume it is the same to go from hdd to ssd . correct? thanks.

  14. Thanks for the video, I didn’t know about this software. I’m upgrading my hdd to a ssd/hdd hybrid soon. I may use this program. I also have been moving files from old hard drives onto external back up ones at work. Would this program be good for data transfer/ organization as well?


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