How To Bluetooth A Cellphone to Amazon Alexa Devices

How To Connect A Cellphone to Amazon Alexa Devices
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  1. So, let me get this straight. Alexa uses my wi-fi (internet) connection for the phone calls and texts, NOT my cell phone's cellular connection, right? If my cell phone was off, I could still place voice calls from Alexa (data going over internet)?

  2. amazing that they post this video, but don't reply to questions here. Mine doesn't give me the options as shown. I see several others having the same problem. Why don't you answer "Tech Steve"?

  3. No Sir…you cannot connect the echo dot only using your cell as a hot spot. You have to use 2 devices that are compatible with the Alexa app. I tried downloading the app on my tablet and my next book 8.0 and neither are compatible with this app. Can't be done.

  4. Hi can help me for below issueError is occurs during connection ." ACTION REQUIRED FOR THIS PUBLIC NETWORK" "To access this public Wi Fi network you're required to take action on a third-party site that will now be displayed. to use a different network, select Choose a different network"

  5. Great video. Wanting to get this set up for my great aunt who is living by herself and we want her to be able to call for help if she falls or something. She lived with my grandma until she passed away so now she isn't living with anybody and we want to make sure she is safe. Thanks for the video.

  6. OK, I paired my cell phone with Alexa and my contact lists. I can make Alexa send phone calls, but can't receive incoming calls. I ask "Alexa, answer phone call". She responds "there are no incoming calls" when my phone is ringing. How do I fix this?

  7. Need other video on how to setup ooma telo and echo connect together I have issues I see a video and it's too fast for me get it or understand it.??


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