How To Backup and Restore your Apple Device with iTunes

Another iTunes alternative way to backup and restore your Apple device with iCareFone. Got it here: https://goo.gl/WBs1FR
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How To Backup and Restore your Apple Device with iTunes
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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! So I'm trying to switch Apple ID's and I've already created a new ID on my new iPad, do you think if I backup my iPhone on my computer I can restore it onto my iPad?

  2. so as i plug my iphone in, and when i click on the phone icon in itunes, it takes me to a different screen. It says "welcome to youre new phone" and only asks to set u as new iphone or restore from this backup? confused on what to do. I just want to backup my current iphone to the latest.

  3. It helped me, and I'm technologically challenged – like a very old person. I got enough out of this video to get me on my way. I know he can't include everything for everyone's electronic idiosyncracies, but with a little struggling I could figure out what to do, and I took away some learning. Anytime you walk away and you learned at least one thing, that's a win.

  4. Thank you Steve! this worked great to restore my moms old iphone, i tried this thing called Reiboot but when it said a button to start repairing it told me i had to pay money to repair it and i did not like it. Until i found this video, you saved my life! Like literally, thank you so much Steve! New subscriber by the way!

  5. I like your videos and you! Bc you are nice and straight to the point with still explaining everything entirely!

  6. hey steve.. im about to reset my iphone.. do u think by back up and restore i could get my data back such as whatsapp, photos and apps?

  7. Hey Steve, Its a really comprehensive and easy to understand video… Thumbs Up… I have a question, is there any possibility to recover deleted photos from Iphone without backup. I accidently deleted the photos (while switching to new iphone, I deleted photos from old phone's photo library & from recently deleted folder but it also got deleted from new one as well – my BAD LUCK!) and now I am freaking out. Please, if there any possible way, do let me know.


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