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How To Add Memory / 16GB of Ram Dell Inspiron 15-3521

How To Add Memory / 16GB of Ram Dell Inspiron 15-3521

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  1. Mariano Martinez

    hi i have a dell inspiron 13 7359 i7 skylake with one memory module 8gb, can i change it with a one slot 16gb memory ? the manual says max 8gb, but i read somewhere that i7 skylake could run 16gb ram, can you help? thanks

  2. Evan

    Hey there Tech Steve, i have the i3 version of this laptop and was wondering if I upgraded the Ram to the 16gb as you suggested (from the factory 4gb) would this be able to run lower end games like Dayz, Arma 3 and the like decently? O what other upgrade could I do to help, balling on a budge here lol. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  3. Elisabeth Martins Pereira Dancuart

    Boa noite, tenho um notebook da Dell Inspiron 15R SE, com as espicificações abaixo: 3ª Geração do Processador Intel® Core? i7-3632QM (2.2GHz até 3.2GHz com Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0, 8 Threads, 6Mb Cache)
    8 GB de SDRAM DDR3 a 1600 MHz
    Disco Rígido 1TB SATA (5400 RPM) com 32GB mSATA SSD (para Intel® Smart Response)
    Placa de Vídeo AMD Radeon? HD 7730M, 128-bit, 2GB
    Eu gostaria de expandir a memória Ram dele, porém eu gostaria de saber se este notebook é compatível com 2x memórias Ram de 16 Gb, segundo o site da intel, este processador suporta até 32 Gb de Ram conforme o link abaixo :

    Eu ví algumas memórias DDR3 1600 Mhz de 16 Gb de Ram da marca Crucial e Adamanta, conforme os links abaixo:
    Vocês teriam conhecimento se existe mais alguma marca que as fabrique ou se
    funcionaria na minha máquina, e se sim, conhecem alguém que já testou ?

    Abner Pereira Dancuart.

  4. tajishima

    So easy to upgrade the memory on the Dell Inspiron 15 3521 model. Great video. I just updated my Dell Inspiron 15 3521 laptop from 4GB to 12GB with an 8GB PNY Technology DDR SODIMM 1600 MHZ RAM. The laptop application and response time has improved dramatically. BTW, as of this post, I only paid $42 for the 8GB of RAM. I'm still surprised at how much cheaper RAM is today, as compared to years ago…

  5. TripleThicc

    I have this laptop and I believe it had shut down and wont turn on again (4 beep bios code) and it has 8gb of ram in all, 4 gb in each slot. I think it shut down from windows ten installation. Will 16gb ram hold windows ten if I change? Sorry if this makes no sense, it's late.

  6. R!L'M

    Are you have a trouble adding 16gb ram to your laptop, coz i planning to do the same as you and i don't wanna any trouble coz i spend my wholelife saving to buy that thing just yesterday and i don't want it to broke just in a day tho…

  7. Faisal Sheikh

    hi I'm having dell inspiring 15 3000 scereies 3558 and it is having 4gb ram but have 2 slots can I upgreade it to 16 GB ram if it's possible plz… show a tutorial and plz… replay

  8. Miguel Angel

    What are your thoughts if my system has 8 gb ram 1 stick and I would like to add another stick same size but different brand? ie Kynexis and Kingston??

  9. GDAD TV

    Does the top one go in as far as the bottom one bc on mine it doesn’t and I can’t get it to go in more I think it isn’t going all the way in but I have tried like a million times



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