How To Add Memory / 16GB of Ram Dell Inspiron 15-3521

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  1. Are you have a trouble adding 16gb ram to your laptop, coz i planning to do the same as you and i don't wanna any trouble coz i spend my wholelife saving to buy that thing just yesterday and i don't want it to broke just in a day tho…

  2. hi I'm having dell inspiring 15 3000 scereies 3558 and it is having 4gb ram but have 2 slots can I upgreade it to 16 GB ram if it's possible plz… show a tutorial and plz… replay

  3. What are your thoughts if my system has 8 gb ram 1 stick and I would like to add another stick same size but different brand? ie Kynexis and Kingston??

  4. I have dell vostro 1450 .If it is possible to upgrade ram upto 8 gb ram or 16 gb ram for gaming. I think there is only one slot…only ram is needed..please give reply


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