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Google Home with Chromecast Explained – 2018 App

Google Home with Chromecast Explained – 2018 App

Use Google Home with Chromecast
Control TV shows and movies using voice commands
Here are some ways to talk with your Google Assistant on Google Home to play TV shows and movies.

To do this: Say “Ok Google” or Hey Google,” then..
Play TV series, TV show, or movie

Note: For TV series, each session usually starts where the previous session ended. For The CW, each session starts from the latest aired episode.

Requesting specific episodes / seasons of a TV series is not currently supported.

“Watch Orange is the New Black on TV” or “Watch Orange is the New Black on/from Netflix on TV”

“Watch Stranger Things on Chromecast” or “Watch Stranger Things on/from Netflix on Chromecast”

“Play The Crown on TV” or “Play The Crown on/from Netflix on TV”

Play next episode / previous episode

Note: This functionality is not supported for CW [CWTV]. Crackle supports “Next episode” but not “previous episode.”

“Next episode on TV”
“Previous episode on TV”
Pause/resume/stop “Pause on TV”
“Resume on TV”
“Stop on TV”
Skip back

“Skip back time on TV,” “Rewind time on TV,” “Jump back time on TV”
Turn on subtitles/captions

Turn off subtitles/captions

“Turn on subtitles,” “Turn on captions,” “Subtitles on,” “Captions on”

“Turn off subtitles,” “Turn off captions,” “Subtitles off,” “Captions off”

Turn on language subtitles

Note: Supported languages depend on the content service (example: YouTube or Netflix) and the video title.

“Turn on Spanish subtitles”
Turn on dubbing

Note: Dubbing switches the spoken language to a language of your choice.

Note: Dubbing is not supported for CW [CWTV], CBS [CBS All Access], HBO NOW, Viki, or Crackle.

“Dubbing on”

“Turn on dubbing”

“Can you turn on dubbing?”

Change dubbing to a language of your choice
“Change language to German”

“Switch language to Spanish”

“Turn on French dubbing”

“Play it in English”

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Use Google Home with Chromecast

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  2. leng lee

    I just got a Chromecast and there are many bad things about it that no one talks about. For one, it’s impossible to use google home bc google won’t hear you if the tv is on. So u still have to lower the volume or mute it w the control to use google home which defeats the purpose. Also if u open Netflix or YouTube w the controller and then try to use google home it will tell u nothing is playing. It only recognizes if something is playing if you initiate it through google home.

  3. Andrea Turli

    hey Steve, is it possible to use google home as an additional speaker for my tv while casting video i.e. from netflix to my chromecast? the volume of my monitor is pretty low, so trying to find a way to amplify it. Thanks!

  4. Jubei Kibagami

    There are multiple other usage than just streaming video with Chromecast. You can turn your TV On and Off if your TV is a smart TV. The thing i do not like about this feature of streaming netflix to your tv with chromecast is that you cannot specify a season or episode. For example. If you tell it to play The Office. It will start where it left off or back at Season 1 Episode 1. you cannot tell your device to play The Office Season 4 Episode 8. Google Home always comes back to me and said "I cannot do that yet". Another issue for me is that you need to know what exactly you want to watch on Netflix. You cannot browse in Netflix with Chromecast. For example. If you tell Google Home to open Netflix, Google Home will say "I cannot do that yet". You can only specify the movie or TV show Title. Chromecast is very cool but missing so much.



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