Fix Samsung UHD 60fps 4k Gaming Lag for PlayStation and Xbox Explained

Fix Samsung UHD 60fps 4k Gaming Lag for PlayStation and Xbox
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Fix Samsung UHD 60fps 4k Gaming Lag for PlayStation and Xbox

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Comment (88)

  1. I have put on gamemode on my 6120 tv and sometimes.when i game with my ps4 i have a stutter or glitch with discoloration for like a split second and then its gone happens a few times a day really wonder what it is

  2. Hi Steve. I just bought a QLED SAMSUNG 65inch 4k + I started playing Fifa 19 on ps4 plus that should support 4k using 2.0 hdmi cable. My question is: every time I play, the game does lagging sometimes during the game, however when I changed (game motion plus into led clear motion) it the eventually worked better and lagging has gone! Why do you think this did happen? Whats the difference between those to motion mode? Thanks for answering in advance.

  3. Thank you so much my man. I had severe problems when plugging in my pc to the tv (for some reason only a few games and the browser had input lag) but this really helped me a lot.

  4. hey Steve , I've got a question for you. I bought a new Sony Bravia , it's a 4k tv . I tried to play my HD movies and the characters seem to pop out and doesn't look natutal, it doesn't give the feel of watching a movie . I tried to play it on other devices like my phone and the content looked cool. could you help me out on this one.

  5. Hi Steve, thank you so much for this video! I brought home a new Samsung UHD 4K TV today and was disheartened as it performed far worse than my old TV from 2009. After switching the setting you pointed out in your video, my TV is performing beyond my expectations! Cheers


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