Fix Samsung UHD 4k Gaming Lag for PlayStation and Xbox

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4X more pixels than Full HD means you’re getting 4X the resolution, so you’ll clearly see the difference.
See vibrant and pure color for a realistic experience.
OneRemote automatically detects and controls all your connected devices and content with no manual programming required*.
Smooth action on fast-moving content with Motion Rate 120

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  1. Watched this vid and still have questions…I basically want to know if I can hook up Apple TV 4K through hdmi 1 or 2(hopefully both) and stream 4K/hdr…I’ve found a couple things stating both ports are HDCP2.2 compliant(which would mean both ports will work) but still not sure. I’ll be returning if I can’t stream 4K through Apple TV…

  2. I bought this exact same tv (Samsung MU6290 40') and today I went out and bought a Rocket fish HDMI cable in hopes of getting rid of the input lag while off of Game Mode for my Xbox One. So I tried the new HDMI and the input lag is still there. The game mode reduces graphic quality so it pretty much defeated the purpose of buying the tv if I can't even play with the best graphics. I mainly bought this tv because I wanted to play in 4k but I need to play in game mode in order to not have any input lag whatsoever.


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