Fitbit Charge HR Set Up

Fitbit Charge HR Set Up
Track exercise routines, heart Level, distance, energy burned, flooring climbed, energetic minutes and ways
Keep an eye on your slumber automatically and wake with a silent alarm
See connect with notifications, daily stats and time of Day on the OLED screen
Sync stats wirelessly and immediately to your computer and around 150 main Smartphones
Use the sizing instrument in solution details below to assure correct match

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  1. hey im a fellow youtuber as your self i think that your vid was great one thing that i would recommend is, that when you are making the panning shots that you slow you video down more to remove that and add the remove shake to it in addition another tip would be like i looked up how to make dolly or pan mounts and you can DIY your own save some cash and then actually buy one they are kinda price but in time you can save for one and get those even better pro looking vids.


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