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Facebook Portal Setup Explained

Facebook Portal Setup Explained

How To Setup A Facebook Portal And Portal + With Amazon Alexa

How To Setup A Facebook Portal And Portal +With Amazon Alexa
Love and talk freely with Smart Camera: With Smart Camera, you don’t have to worry about being out of frame. Whether you’re moving around the kitchen, prepping dinner or chasing the kids through the living room, Smart Camera adjusts to follow the action. And as more people enter a room, Smart Camera automatically widens to keep everyone in view, so you don’t miss a moment.
Private by design: Facebook doesn’t listen to, view or keep the contents of your Portal video calls. Calls on Portal are encrypted, so conversations stay between you and those you’re calling. You can also completely disable the camera and microphone with a single tap, or block the camera lens with the camera cover provided.
Connect with friends, even if they don’t have Portal: Easily call friends and family on Messenger — calls can be made seamlessly to and from smartphones and tablets. And you can bring up to six other people into a group call.
Alexa built-in: Portal has Alexa built-in, so you can ask a question, set a timer, add items to your shopping list, control your smart home or more. Just ask.
Experience more together: With Portal, story time will never be the same. With music, animation and augmented reality effects, Portal lets you become some of your children’s favorite characters as you read along to well-loved stories. And if friends or family also have Portal, you can listen to your favorite music together as if you were in the same room, without delays or feedback.
Stay close with Superframe: When you’re not in a call, Portal can display your Facebook photos and videos. You can also see when your closest contacts are available to connect, and get birthday reminders.
Active Facebook account required for product use.

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How To Setup A Facebook Portal And Portal + With Amazon Alexa

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  1. bradengels

    the design of hardware is the best of all smart displays that are available today! it looks vary updated very futuristic !! .. the 3rd generation of Echo Show may will look similar to this ,, or may will come as ECHO SHOW 2nd PLUS …!

  2. Tony Banks

    Besides the “active camera” feature, it gets pretty boring. When you guys review these gadgets, please talk about what we’re interested in: Can we use Alexa to turn on our tv? Can we use Alexa to access Netflix? Can it handshake with my other WIFi devices? Example: “Hey, Alexa: Turn the lights off in the kitchen and turn the heat up to 74 degrees”. Can I view who’s at my front door by accessing Ring Doorbell? Can I cast a video from my smartphone to the Portal or from the Portal to my tv? Can I broadcast a voice message from one Portal to another Portal device in a different room? These are the things we need to know if we’re gonna shell out a minimum $200 dollars…

  3. zombievac

    Thank you for this. It's the only video (or even article) online I could find anywhere showing the actual setup process… literally everyone else is just talking about the privacy implications, and I'm just trying to figure out if I can set it up for grandma, who can barely log into a device, let alone setup or do anything complex!

  4. Katelynn Rattray

    Few questions one is do you have to have an Amazon account I'm planning on possibly purchasing this for my grandmother who does not have Amazon or Alexa she doesn't even own a smartphone so this is a little high tech for her. All she'll be doing is video chatting with me and my family. And is there a way to hide all the excess apps so that they don't confuse her?

  5. Jay Boshuis

    Two days I've been trying to set Portal + up. Still don't know how to get back into "Home" selection. Portal also tells me voice commands are currently unavailable today. Yesterday Portal setup was telling us that setup was unavailable. What gives?? Yes, we have Portal set up now, but we want to add Alexa and are having big time problems. I am not happy especially after spending $350 on this thing.

  6. Eleanor Sampson

    How can I delete contacts from my FB portal with out removing them from my FaceBook account? Im trying to set it up for my elderly mom and used my FB account with my family contacts, but she doesnt need all my other contact on her Portal. Help!! I tried setting up a FB acct for my mom but it was disabled for some reason??



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