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Dell Optiplex 755 Upgrade Part 2 of 2

Dell Optiplex 755 Upgrade Part 2 of 2

Dell Optiplex 755 Upgrade Part 2 of 2
A breakdown of the components inside.

Part 1 of 2

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  1. Neil Sovie

    hey steve ! bought a otiplex 755 for 150$ felt bent over lol bad idea i know cause i mostly game but my labtop broke so im trying to upgrade my optiplex 755 to a "decent" / "gaming" desktop whats pretty much the max upgrades can i Put in this computer with out making it to complicated

  2. Aaron Chan

    @Tech Steve HD  Hi Steve, I've got an Optiplex 780, same desktop form factor as the 755 that you've got in the video. My PSU is 255 watts, also with no 6 or 8 pin PCIe connectors. Do you think I can safely run the video card that you showed in this video? I just need it for light gaming.

  3. i

    Hi steven i upgraded my optiplex 755 sff video card and try to find the ram memory you upgrade yours with but can not find. Do you have any suggestions other rams i can upgrade to?
    I would like max it out with 8gig ram, 800mhz….
    And a im wanna as cheap as possible…
    thx for taking your time to answear.

    My new is msi210 1gig 2.0 nvidia gt 218

  4. Monainy

    I have a question. I have an otiplex 380 and do you think it can run minecraft smoothly with your video card and 4 gigs of ram? Becuase im currently using a chipset as graphics…

  5. clemsonbloke

    Thats actually the DT (Desktop) model, not the SFF. They made a USFF, SFF, DT, and MT. The smallest is that USFF and it's tiny. The one you have is the Desktop model. Your 780 , in other videos, is the SFF model.

  6. Default ¿

    i have an optiplex 755 with a processor of i2 E6550 (2.33GHZ) BUT I NEED help to determine which kind of i2 QUAD can i get i am confused please help i will realy appritiate

  7. Jacob Whittaker

    For anyone wanting a basic home computer these are excellent options. My mom loved the fact that I run two monitors with usually facebook on one and youtube on another, so I got my mom a 755 optiplex. The guy who owned it had two monitors and was trying to use two different video chipsets to run both monitors(would never work) so give him $100 for the computer, both monitors, keyboard, and mouse. It was all dell factory stuff including both monitors. I threw in a GT 710 2gb(to run both monitors), 4GB ram, and a cheaper SSD(sata2 won't use the fastest SSD to their full potential). The thing is screaming along.

    You can also go further and use an adapter kit to throw in a Xeon cpu essentially fooling the motherboard into thinking that the 771 socket cpu is a 775 socket cpu. BUT like you said with the motherboards there are many different ones and only certain Xeon will work in each.



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