Creative T20 Gigaworks Speaker Review

Inventive T20 Gigaworks Speaker Review
Precision-tuned two way speaker structure with 28 watts RMS
Woven glass fiber cone driver
Fabric dome tweeter and BasXPort know-how getting rid of the need for a subwoofer
Hassle-free entrance entry to volume, bass, treble and input jacks. Will work with computer systems, TVs and other audio sources.

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Comment (22)

  1. Great video man … Im looking for speakers wid good bass to watch movies and listen to music.. due to lack of space , im not goin wid 2.1 .. can u suggest me wich 1 Wud meet my expectations.. thank u !! 🙂

  2. I plugged the green input from the speaker to my laptop headphone jack but I’m still not getting and sound out of the speakers. There is no other place to plug it in other than headphones on my laptop. What’s going on. Do I need to go into settings and do something there??

  3. Hi there! I got them to work and disappointed. My 32 inch tv has amazing sound and I got these to add to that for my racing games. Well they work now but the tv sounds mutes when they are plugged in. Sound is weak compared to tv. Why does the tv sound ho off?


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