Control Your Chromecast TV With Google Home Devices

Control Your Chromecast TV With Google Home Devices

Control TV shows and movies using voice commands
Here are some ways to talk with your Google Assistant on Google Home to play TV shows and movies.

To do this: Say “Ok Google” or Hey Google,” then..
Play TV series, TV show, or movie

Note: For TV series, each session usually starts where the previous session ended. For The CW, each session starts from the latest aired episode.

Requesting specific episodes / seasons of a TV series is not currently supported.

“Watch Orange is the New Black on TV” or “Watch Orange is the New Black on/from Netflix on TV”

“Watch Stranger Things on Chromecast” or “Watch Stranger Things on/from Netflix on Chromecast”

“Play The Crown on TV” or “Play The Crown on/from Netflix on TV”

Play next episode / previous episode

Note: This functionality is not supported for CW [CWTV]. Crackle supports “Next episode” but not “previous episode.”

“Next episode on TV”
“Previous episode on TV”
Pause/resume/stop “Pause on TV”
“Resume on TV”
“Stop on TV”
Skip back

“Skip back time on TV,” “Rewind time on TV,” “Jump back time on TV”
Turn on subtitles/captions

Turn off subtitles/captions

“Turn on subtitles,” “Turn on captions,” “Subtitles on,” “Captions on”

“Turn off subtitles,” “Turn off captions,” “Subtitles off,” “Captions off”

Turn on language subtitles

Note: Supported languages depend on the content service (example: YouTube or Netflix) and the video title.

“Turn on Spanish subtitles”
Turn on dubbing

Note: Dubbing switches the spoken language to a language of your choice.

Note: Dubbing is not supported for CW [CWTV], CBS [CBS All Access], HBO NOW, Viki, or Crackle.

“Dubbing on”

“Turn on dubbing”

“Can you turn on dubbing?”

Change dubbing to a language of your choice
“Change language to German”

“Switch language to Spanish”

“Turn on French dubbing”

“Play it in English”

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