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Conido Wireless Charger Stand Review

Conido Wireless Charger Stand Review

Conido Wireless Charger Stand For iPhone, Air Pods And Watch
Creative Height-Adjustable wireless charging board with double charging coils can align to the charging centers of various mobile phone models, regardless of whether it is placed horizontally or vertically, ensuring the highest charging efficiency.
The Adjustable angle of the wireless phone charging module meets different usage environments to give you the best visual angle.
The 10W power output is compatible with all QI-enbaled smart phones and also compatible with the 7.5W Fast Charging Function of Apple mobile phone to increase the charging speed.
The product does not include an adapter and recommended use with the adapter of QC2.0 or above. Using adapter under QC2.0 might reduce power and charging speed.
The TYPE-C ports makes the connection safer, more durable, and more robust. The common chargers are easily damaged by using with the Micro-C port. A complimentary high-quality Type-C cables with product provide reduce power loss in transmission to ensure adequate charging current.
Also works with, Samsung and other QI Devices

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  1. Cube Aholic

    This product is trash. I bought one and the AirPod hole is so big the charger just gets pushed down so forget charging you airpods. The watch is too vertical and slides off. And the phone charger just straight up doesn’t work. It feels like cheap Chinese market plastic



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