Clone Your Hard Drive When Upgrading or Swapping With Acronis

Clone Your Hard Drive When Upgrading or Swapping With Acronis
Cloning Software Used http://amzn.to/2iaCFJ5
Amazon Support http://amazon.techstevehd.com
Products I Use For Making Video: https://goo.gl/7K2Jpw
Products In Videos: https://goo.gl/OxOLA6

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  1. Was explained a little better on this video then part 1 , thanks for this.
    I see on the cleanup , looks just a basic uninstall of a program but will it mess up any of the user programs?
    Or any thing besides Acronis ?

  2. how about going from a large capacity drive and cloning to a smaller SSD?
    most programs won't allow and most people want to go from their old 500gb or 320gb HDD to a 120gb SSD. then keep their old drive as storage.
    that would be a great video because it can be difficult considering the cloning takes an image of the entire size of the one drive and puts it into another.
    I'd really like to see this video because I'm in that situation with a family member. they have a 3.5" 500gb HDD and want to have a 120gb SSD as a boot drive.

  3. Hey Tech Steve, great video — Thanks! One question: Why do you want to clean-up the new cloned SSD? Are you doing this only because you were going to sell your laptop? If I'm just wanted to upgrade my current HD to a larger capacity SSD, should I just stop after you booted up the new cloned SSD?

  4. my problem is i cant boot from my new hard drive (cloned) however i can use it as a secondary (storage) just fine. if i try to boot from the cloned drive all i get is a black loading screen with a mouse. if it matters its a firecuda sshd 2tb old drive is wd blue 1tb

  5. I wonder if you can clone your old files, programs, OS etc.. to a new hard drive then use the new hard drive in a completely newly built PC? new Motherboard, possessor, Ram etc…like complete NEW PC build.

  6. How is this process different when cloning a hard drive on a desktop? I would like to clone my existing hard drive to a new SSD that I recently purchased and use the original (installed) hard drive as a backup.


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