Canon DSLR Controller App

Canon DSLR Controller App
Amazon Support http://amazon.techstevehd.com
How to Control Your Canon Camera with a app on a tablet for $20 Bucks
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  1. Hi Steve, why can't it works using the mini USB to micro USB Cable, instead of mini USB to USB connected to OTG USB Cable?
    Do you know what the difference between using one cable vs two cables?
    I understand if you don't have right cable (mini USB to micro USB Cable- which I have), then you have to use the OTG Cable with the normal cable that came with the camera.

    Have you try to use the camera to shoot & do it wirelessly?

    Very nice & sharp video.

  2. Trying to monitor/control my CANON 70D camera with DSLR Controller. (DSLR Controller is installed on both my Android tablet, and my Android phone.) Have used native (came-in-the box) cables for both the phone, and the tablet — so there should be no conflicts. Problem: DSLR Controller never even “sees” my camera — will not connect. From neither the phone NOR the tablet. (Have also use the very common “On the Go” cable, to the camera.) NOTHING works. Any other suggestions ?


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