Backup With Samsung Kies

Backup With Samsung Kies
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  1. Hi Steve. Totally off topic. Saw the optiplex video and in a pickle. I have a gx520 dual core 2gb ram but… Cannot find upgrade video card as I do not have a pci express Scott just 2x white slots like in your video. Please help. Thanx in advance.

  2. Yo Steve, great video. I'm trying to fix an issue with my phone by preforming a full factory reset. After the reset I wish to use this program to restore all my stuff. Does the restore reinstall all my app data (game scores, settings, passwords, preferences, launchers) as well? Or does it only re-install the apps?

  3. @Ronald Maschorak – I couldn't reply on youtube for some reason. It will keep the data on some apps but without a rooted phone you are at risk at loosing info. I can recommend Helium App http://bit.ly/18RM4Bp however i haven't used it before. Test on a app that you don't care about 1st  and see if it does the trick. Please let me know if you try it and that it the solution for your issue. Steven

  4. Hi
    Are you able to help. I am getting so frustrated as I have installed Kies on a new computer nothing fancy the same as my last computer. The problem is Kies does not recognise my phone. There is nothing wrong with cable as the computer recognises the device.
    Can you please help, your time would be most appreciated.


  5. Steven there is a problem with the download, right when it is about to finish and add kies to the desktop it gives me an error message it says The procedure entry point
    ?_Xmem@tr1@std@@YAXXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCP90.dll. and kies cannot be opened

  6. how do I convert spb to vcard?  my galaxy s4 screen went black; I have an LG G4…  I can't unlock S4 … but I did back up S4 in October.  and there is a contact.spb that I can't download to the G4

  7. good job for pronouncing kies right!
    most english people say it completely wrong but it is really the way how you pronounce it (it litterly mean choose in dutch)

  8. I did a backup of my samsung galaxy s4, and then my phone died, how can I recover my data? I have the backup file from samsung kies 3, do I have to put another samsung galaxy s4 and click restore? o can I plug in other cellphone? like an s6 or another android device?

  9. Hello can you help me how i can retrieve my DCIM ,i forgot to back up my files when i factory reset my phone then i hard reset! Samsung S3 GT-I9305 help me please i need all photos 🙁

    My Note 10.1 (GT-N8013) is locked in the boot screen. When I do press Power + down volume, I get the Warning about downloading custom os. I downloaded Kies, input my info, and it says that my model does not allow initialization. I chatted with customer support, and he says that it's a hardware issue, and that I need to take to a service center. Is he telling the truth or bluffing me? Can I fix this problem by myself, with your help? Thank You!


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