Backup and Restore your Apple Device with iTunes Explained

Yet another iTunes different way to backup and restore your Apple gadget with iCareFone. Received it in this article:
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How To Backup and Restore your Apple System with iTunes
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  1. Thank you Steve! this worked great to restore my moms old iphone, i tried this thing called Reiboot but when it said a button to start repairing it told me i had to pay money to repair it and i did not like it. Until i found this video, you saved my life! Like literally, thank you so much Steve! New subscriber by the way!

  2. I like your videos and you! Bc you are nice and straight to the point with still explaining everything entirely!

  3. hey steve.. im about to reset my iphone.. do u think by back up and restore i could get my data back such as whatsapp, photos and apps?

  4. Hey Steve, Its a really comprehensive and easy to understand video… Thumbs Up… I have a question, is there any possibility to recover deleted photos from Iphone without backup. I accidently deleted the photos (while switching to new iphone, I deleted photos from old phone's photo library & from recently deleted folder but it also got deleted from new one as well – my BAD LUCK!) and now I am freaking out. Please, if there any possible way, do let me know.

  5. If you backup your iphone on your older Mac OS iTunes, it lets you backup. But if you need to restore it for any reason, it will not let you restore and will force you to upgrade your Mac OS. And if you try to upgrade your Mac OS, it will tell you that your hardware is too old to upgrade, essentially forcing you to buy a new computer.
    Solution: 1. Make a time machine backup of your old computer. 2. Buy a new computer 3. Restore your new computer from the time machine backup. 4. restore your iphone from the itunes backup of the new computer 5. Delete your data from the new computer 6. Return your new computer within 14 days!


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